We are currently updating the Buzz Book for the 2017-2018 Buzz Book. To update your family’s information, please go to join.myschoolanywhere.com and enter code JoinKCJA.  

For online access to the password-protected Buzz Book, visit MySchoolAnywhere.com.

Access to MySchoolAnywhere is restricted to Kennard families only. Returning families should be able to use the same password as last school year.  New families should receive an email with your password after their entry has been confirmed. If you do not have or forgot the password, you may contact our Information Officer, Erin Bihr. You must provide Erin with your child’s name and teacher in order to receive access.

As a reminder, the Buzz Book and the information in it are the property of the Kennard PTO. The directory is provided to you for use only in connection with PTO-sponsored activities and PTO-approved purposes. The directory and the information in it may not be used for solicitations, advertising, mass mailings, or any other purposes unrelated to the mission and vision of the PTO or by any organization other than the PTO.