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Did you know there is an effortless way to help raise money for the school every time you shop, dine out, or book travel reservations?  The eScrip program donates a portion of your total purchase price.

How to Earn

  1. Create an account at eScrip.com. Register your debit and credit cards with your account.
  2. Grocery Shopping:  Get an eScrip card at any Schnucks market. Log in to your eScrip account and enter your Schnucks eScrip card. Present the eScrip card every time you shop at Schnucks, and a portion of your purchase will be credited to KENNARD.
  3. Online Shopping:  Start your online shopping experience at eScrip.com. You will earn cash back for Kennard any time you start your shopping through eScrip.com and use a debit or credit card you have registered with your eScript account. Many popular retailers participate in the program, including stores such as Old Navy, eBay, and the Apple Store. Go to eScrip.com to see a list of participating retailers.
  4. Dining Program:  Every time you eat at a participating restaurant and use a debit/credit card you have registered with eScrip. Many restaurants, including local businesses, participate in the dining program.
  5. Book Travel:  Initiate your online travel bookings through eScrip and use a registered debit/credit card to earn cash back for KENNARD on airline, hotel, or car rental reservations through popular sites such as Expedia, Priceline, and Hotels.com. You can also earn cash back for cruise reservations booked through Club Cruise.

The key is to register all your debit/credit cards with eScrip. When shopping online or booking travel, always start the process at eScrip.com to ensure you earn the credit.

Have kids at multiple schools? No problem – you can direct your fundraising to benefit up to three schools!

The eScrip program is also a great way to get family and friends in on the action! They can participate even if they don’t live in St. Louis.

Mobile phone users can also download the eScrip mobile app.

Please contact Jenifer Garcia with any questions about the program.