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Fundraising for schools is now an important aspect of most PTO organizations. The PTO provides students, teachers, and administrators with resources they need to make the children’s environment more conducive to learning and more enjoyable. With budget shortfalls across the SLPS, PTO fundraising is critical to our children’s education, and provides resources and opportunities that many might assume are already being provided by the district.

Our goal is determined by the budget, which is developed by the Treasurer of the PTO, the PTO Board, and then voted on by the membership.

We believe the PTO’s support for our teachers has led to good relations with them and a stable work force. We have very little turnover in teachers and staff at Kennard compared to the rest of the district schools.

The PTO very much appreciates our parents for their ongoing support of Kennard and their dedication to making the school a better place for all.

If you would like to serve on the Fundraising Committee, or donate to the Kennard PTO, please contact Jenifer Garcia at jenifer@garciaproperties.com.