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There are three gardens developed as part of Kennard’s outdoor learning space, a native plant garden, pollinator garden and a vegetable garden. Although each garden is funded by a different organization, each group supports the school in expanding the outdoor learning space as classes come up with new ideas for expansion and use. This enrichment component is developed through the art and science curriculums for students in grades Pre-K through five.

Litzsinger Road Ecology Center sponsors the native plant garden, which is located between the teachers’ parking lot and the playground. It contains over seventy-five native Missouri plants and was planted in the fall of 2016. Third, fourth, and fifth grade students and families prepared and planted the garden. Families can continue to support this garden by making sure no one walks on or crushes the plants during pick-up and after school hours. If you have questions about the native plant garden, please contact Alveta Nelson at alveta.nelson@slps.org.

The pollinator garden, planted in the spring of 2017, is located on both sides of the semicircle at Kennard’s main entrance. Bluestone Perennials donated 18 pollinator plants for participating in The National Wildlife Federation’s Subaru Loves the Earth collaboration. First grade students worked eagerly to design and plant this garden. The pollinator garden will provide a hands-on approach to studying plant life and pollination for years to come! If you have questions about the pollinator garden, please contact Kristina White at kristina.white@slps.org.

The vegetable garden, designed in 2016, is located in the front of the school. A master gardener in UMSL’s Extension program acquired the grants, master gardeners, and initial garden design. We have an outdoor sink, a sail for cover, soaker hoses, and rain barrels. Students have planted spring seeds including broccoli, turnips, beets, beans, kale, herbs, and other vegetables. If anyone has any extra herb or vegetable seedlings that you would like to donate or questions about the vegetable garden, please contact Jamie Spitznagel at jamie.spitznagel@slps.org.

Click here if you are interested in helping to maintain the Outdoor Learning Gardens over the summer.