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Final Stretch in the Fall Classroom Fundraising Competition

We are nearing the end of our fall fundraising competition. As of November 17, here are the current tallies of Box Tops for Education, Coke Give/Rewards, and Tyson Project A+ labels submitted for each classroom. The classroom that collects the most fundraising labels by November 30 wins a pizza party!

McCowan – 106
Rongey – 155
Yowell – 840
White – 580
Trinity – 442
Oates – 536
Kadlec – 426
Perniciaro – 276
Nard – 635
Mueller – 530
Rhodes – 265
Noack-Ruebling – 228
Droste – 425
Meyer – 1,787
Yardley-Vagnino – 58
Beffa – 291


Unusable Submissions – 202 (These could not be redeemed because they were expired or missing a portion of the label.)


Coke codes should NOT be entered before sending them in. There is no way for our program coordinator, Jessica Shatto, to know the donation is going to Kennard unless she types it in herself.

Keep saving (and carefully clipping) those Box Tops, Coke, and Tyson fundraising labels!

Remember: The contest ends Thursday, November 30!


Check our Fundraising pages for detailed instructions:

Box Tops for Education

Coke Give/Rewards

Tyson Project A+

You may also contact program coordinator Jessica Shatto if you have additional questions.


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