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Volunteer Recognition
  • Thank you to our dance volunteers!

    Thank you to all of the volunteers that made the “Surf’s Up” dance party a success. We appreciate all that you do!
    Melissa Huth
    Sarah Frost Sullivan
    Mark Breuer
    Amy Breuer
    Tricia Moyer
    Blythe Burkhardt
    Dawn Brandt
    Laura Leyes Wood
    Maggie Tyson
    Susie Anderson-Bauer
    Jennifer Merlo
    Melissa Von Rohr
    Kimberly Sheahan-Davis
    Sarah Vora
    Ray Mrozewski
    Jen Anania
    Jane Mrozewski
    Grace Kivindyo

    — February 12, 2018
  • Thank you Movie Night volunteers!

    Dale Neely
    Stephanie Cox
    Adam Wiesehan
    Laura Scally
    Laura Leyes Woods
    Amelia Garcia
    Johnny Garcia
    Ivan Garcia

    Jenifer Garcia
    — February 1, 2018
  • Thank you, Math & Science Night volunteers!

    Thank you to all who made our recent Math & Science Enrichment Night a success:

    Kyle Bihr

    Cecilia Chen

    Dave Custis

    Laretta Divis

    Patty Estrada

    Lara Fuchs

    Cindy Heidenry

    Ryan Hutt

    Shelley Johnson

    Cindy Pessoni

    Shameka Shelby

    Traci Spies

    Sara Stanton

    Rajendra Upadhya

    Toshia Verheggen

    Mike Viles

    Sarah Vora

    Shelley Watkins-Parker

    — January 3, 2018
  • Thank you Open House volunteers!

    Thank you to the following parents who volunteered during our Open House on October 26!
    Erin Bihr
    Dawn Brandt
    Kate Metzger
    Tricia Moyer
    Sarah Pitlyk
    Karen Upwood

    — November 2, 2017
  • Thank you to our Grandparents Day volunteers!

    Thank you to the following volunteers who helped to make Grandparents Day a big success:
    Lyndsay Roy (chairperson)
    Cindy Heindenry
    Karen Ruggeri
    Cindy Ulmenstine-Fitzgerald
    Rana Awi
    Denise Brooks
    Sarah Pitlyk
    David Custis
    Sri Chinta
    Erin Bihr
    Susan Pelizzaro
    Kris Krammerer
    Chris Deaton
    Tricia Moyer
    Molly Koebbe
    Dawn Brandt
    Janelle Johnson
    Alicia Jessmon
    Thi Miller
    Kate Metzger
    Darcy Reed
    Amy Neely
    Michael Roy
    Jenifer Garcia
    KCJA custodial staff
    — September 25, 2017
  • Thank you, Girls on the Run Volunteers

    A big thanks goes out to our Girls on the Run Coaches and Volunteers: Trisha Moyer, Tina Meyer, Cindy Heidenry, Emma Mueller, Amy Breuer, Amanda Miller, Dave Custis, Chuck Harper, Jesse Davidson, Stephanie Gottron, and Jessia Schenk!

    — May 11, 2017
  • Thank you to our Let Me Run Volunteers

    Thank you to our Let Me Run coaches, David Custis and Cari Wohlrabe, and to volunteers Peter Egan and Patty Estrada for volunteering their time and energy to guide our boys in grades 3-5 through a 5k training program and weekly lessons.

    — May 11, 2017
  • Thank you, Yearbook Committee

    Thank you to Myra Belgeri, Jyl Brady, Kori Zide, Cindy Heidenry, Spring Galey, and Jessica Shatto for their efforts to produce the yearbook. These women manage all aspects of the yearbook, from ad sales to layout and design. Many thanks for your hard work!

    — March 6, 2017
  • Thank you, Myra Belgeri and Jessica Shatto, for managing our Box Tops for Education fundraiser

    The PTO is grateful to Myra Belgeri and Jessica Shatto for leading our label fundraising programs. Myra managed the program for several years, and she has passed the torch to Jessica Shatto. Since our enrollment in the Box Tops for Education program, we have earned over $13,500. Recently, we used Box Tops funds to partner with Dr. LeFlore in purchasing Lego WeDo robotics kits for our students. Keep an eye on the bulletin board by the school office to see which classrooms are winning the Box Tops and Tyson Project A+ competitions, and keep clipping those labels (carefully).

    — February 3, 2017
  • Thank you to our Movie Night volunteers

    Thank you to the adults who volunteered to make Movie Night a success, bats and all:
    Tony Barbata
    Lina Galinurova
    Amelia Garcia
    Ivan Garcia
    Jenifer Garcia
    Johnny Garcia
    Laura Leyes-Woods
    Chunzi Peng
    Michael Roy
    Laura Scally

    — January 24, 2017