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McKinley Classical Leadership Academy

Students from Kennard, Mallinckrodt, and other SLPS gifted programs are eligible to attend McKinley Classical Leadership Academy starting in sixth grade. McKinley offers instruction for gifted students from grades 6-12.

Learn More About McKinley

  • Review this presentation delivered by Principal Stephen Warmack and Dr. Tracy Bednarick in November 2017
  • Visit the school website to learn more about academic programs and extracurricular opportunities
  • Check out the school calendar, which is frequently updated with academic, extracurricular, and other important events

How to Help Your Child Transition to Middle School

  • Practice using a planner to keep track of assignments, homework, etc.
  • Develop an organization method — folders, binders, or accordion binders
  • Set aside a space for studying at home
  • Talk to your child about finding an at-school advocate
  • Network with other parents
  • Visit the school during orientation week and walk the student’s schedule
  • Check the school website often