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Annual Fund Drive

2017-2018 Annual Fund Drive Appeal

The PTO conducts an Annual Fund Drive to support critical programs at Kennard. Because of the wonderful support the fund drive receives, we are able to contribute to enrichment opportunities for the students and teachers, as well as assist with many programs and daily classroom experiences. In the past, funds have supported programs including the Zoo Education Outreach, enrichment nights, and school-wide performances by Springboard to Learning Improv Group and CVPA’s theater department. In addition, children have been able to go on class trips to Jefferson City, Hannibal, Springfield, IL, and the Storytelling Festival. Funds have also helped purchase smartboards, headphones, classroom agendas, yearbooks, playground structures and equipment, and library books.

The direct appeal of the Fund Drive allows the PTO to forego multiple fund raising projects where students are asked to sell items throughout the school year. Instead, we seek one-time donations. Unlike those other projects, every dollar contributed to the Fund Drive goes directly to support Kennard.

We welcome contributions from friends, grandparents, and employers! The PTO also works to supplement these contributions by searching for grants from foundations and corporations to match what we raise.

We have a goal to raise $25,000 dollars for the 2017-2018 school year but raise even more so we can fund some larger projects that need attention.

This year we will be working to increase our participation rate. We will be adding some different elements to the fundraising program to help facilitate this goal. The participation rate is important because it impacts our success in obtaining grant money. Many philanthropic organizations want the communities they support to be engaged and actively participating. One common way this is measured is by the percentage of members that contribute to our annual giving campaign. As we try to leverage outside funding sources to help support our community, information on participation rate will become more critical. if you haven’t contributed in the past because you thought you couldn’t make a difference, please reconsider every donation no matter how modest helps.

How to Contribute:

By Check (preferred method)

Tax deductible contributions can be made to “Friends of Kennard” and mailed to:
Kennard CJA PTO
Annual Fund Drive
5031 Potomac
St. Louis, MO 63139

(Please send in the 2017-2018 Annual Fund Drive form with your check.)


New this year is the ability to donate online using PayPal. This is a very convenient way to contribute but please make sure that you follow the directions below carefully so that Kennard’s account is credited for your contribution. 

To donate online go to www.slpsfoundation.org and click “donate now.”

IMPORTANT: On the second screen, make sure to type, “Friends of Kennard Account” on the special instructions line. If you choose this method please notify us by email at kcjafunddrive@gmail.com so we can confirm your donation and make sure you are counted in our participation numbers.

If you do not specify your contribution is to go to “Friends of Kennard,” the money will not be awarded to Kennard.

More Information

For more information contact our Fundraising Officer, Jenifer Garcia.